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Second Edition "Human Factors in Aviation" Book Features NASA Ames Authors
(Mar 29, 2010)
The second edition of the groundbreaking book "Human Factors in Aviation" has just been published by Academic Press. The volume offers a comprehensive overview of topics including pilot performance, human factors in aircraft design, vehicles and systems, and NextGen issues. The first edition, published in 1989, became an instant classic in human factors graduate programs across the country. The updated and expanded Second Edition, edited by Eduardo Salas of the University of Central Florida and Dan Maurino of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), includes six chapters authored or coauthored by current and former staff in the NASA Ames Human Systems Integration Division including Drs. Key Dismukes, Alan Hobbs, Stephen Casner, Barbara Kanki, Melissa Mallis, and Kathleen Mosier. The book also features chapters from world-class aviation human factors researchers who are also frequent NASA Ames collaborators, including Christopher Wickens, Tom Sheridan, Nadine Sarter, and Amy Pritchett, former Director of the NASA Aviation Safety Program Office.

The six chapters authored or coauthored by current and former staff in Ames Human Systems Integration Division include:

- "Understanding and analyzing human error in real-world operations", Key Dismukes, Chief Scientist of Aerospace Human Factors, NASA
- "Unmanned Aircraft Systems", Alan Hobbs, researcher, San Jose State University Foundation
- "General Aviation", Stephen Casner, researcher, NASA
- "Maintenance Human Factors: A Brief History", Barbara Kanki, researcher, NASA
- "Aircrew Fatigue, Sleep Need, and Circadian Rhythmicity", Melissa Mallis, former lead of the Ames Fatigue Countermeasures Group at NASA
- "The Human in Flight: From Kinesthetic Sense to Cognitive Sensibility", Kathleen Mosier, former researcher at Ames.
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