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PLATO Software Certified for International Space Station Mission Operations
(Sep 26, 2012)
On September 20, 2012, a new software tool developed in part by the Ames Human Systems Integration Division was certified for International Space Station (ISS) mission operations at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). This tool, called Power Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO), integrates various power analysis engines for the flight controller disciplines that are cognizant over all planning and real-time operations for the ISS ElectricalPower System. Flight controllers must calculate the amount of solar power available for the ISS, compare it to the expected ISS power consumption, and identify and resolve any potential divergence between these while complying to the hardware and operational flight rules. PLATO will streamline the analysis process for flight controllers, incorporate inputs from ISS international partners and other flight controller disciplines, facilitate analysis execution, and assist flight controllers as they try to resolve any plan violations.

Since 2009, Ames developers and designers have been working with personnel in the JSC Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) to provide incremental software deliveries to the Power Resource Office (PRO) users. After extensive requirement verification and testing, MOD promoted and certified PLATO for operational use. The Ensemble team, which includes members from the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Group within the Human Systems Integration Division and the Planning and Scheduling group within the Intelligent Systems Division, contributed to the design, implementation, testing, support, and delivery of the software tool. The PLATO team also includes Station Power, Articulation and Thermal Control (SPARTAN) flight controllers, PRO flight controllers, and members of the JSC Facilities Development and Operations Contract (FDOC).
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