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Stress and Cognition: A Cognitive Psychological Perspective  (2003)
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Complex operations can be performed successfully in Space by human beings, but more slowly than doing the same tasks on Earth (Fowler, Comfort & Bock, 2000; Watt,1997)), Fowler, et al. (2000) and Manzey (2000) propose two hypotheses to account forthis performance degradationó(1) the direct effects of microgravity on the central nervous system and the motor system of the body and (2) the non-specific effects ofmultiple stressors. Evidence available to date is consistent with both hypotheses andfurther experiments are required to settle this question. The issue has practical implications because the countermeasures needed to ameliorate or prevent performancedeficits will differ according to which hypothesis is correct. Understanding andameliorating performance deficits will surely help ensure safer operations aboard the International Space Station and during a mission to Mars.
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Abnormal, Cognition, Cognitive, Emergency, Situations, Stress
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Boulder, Colorado: University of Colorado, Department of Psychology.
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Last Updated: August 15, 2019