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What is Human System Integration? Website
Personnel Header
Terence L. Tyson
Phone: 650-604-4065
Awards Header
(2022)  Ames Graduate Fellowship Program, Ames Graduate Fellowship Award
(2021)  Ames Honor Award, Best First Paper
(2020)  NASA Group Achievement Award, UTM - Technical Capability Level-4 Demonstration
(2020)  Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Associate Administrator (AA) Award, Technology and Innovation- Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the National Airspace System
(2019)  Ames Group Achievement Award, NASA Ames UAS-NAS ACAS Xu Team
Publications Header
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PDF download  C. L. Smith, C. . Rorie, M. . Chandarana, T. L. Tyson, J. N. Keeler, & V. . Tran (2023) Helicopter Pilot Assessments of the Airborne Collision Avoidance System XR with Automated Maneuvering, In AIAA Aviation 2023 Forum, https://arc.aiaa.org/doi/10.2514/6.2023-3683 Click to read more
PDF download  M. . Chandarana, M. C. Shyr, & T. L. Tyson (2023) Predictive Model for Workload in Remote Operators During sUAS Contingency Scenarios, In AIAA AVIATION 2023 Forum (p. 3334) Click to read more
PDF download  G. G. Sadler, M. . Chandarana, C. . Rorie, T. L. Tyson, J. N. Keeler, C. L. Smith, M. C. Shyr, D. . Wong, S. . Scheff, & I. . Dolgov (2022) A Remote, Human-in-the-Loop Evaluation of a Multiple-Drone Delivery Operation, In AIAA AVIATION 2022 FORUM (p. 4002). https://doi.org/10.2514/6.2022-4002. 2022-4002 Click to read more
PDF download  C. L. Smith, G. G. Sadler, T. L. Tyson, S. L. Brandt, C. . Rorie, J. N. Keeler, K. J. Monk, J. . Viramontes, & I. . Dolgov (2021) A Cognitive Walkthrough of Multiple Drone Delivery Operations, In AIAA AVIATION 2021 FORUM (p. 2330). doi: https://doi.org/10.2514/6.2021-2330. Click to read more
PDF download  T. L. Tyson, N. H. Feick, P. . Cravalho, E. E. Flynn-Evans, & L. S. Stone (2021) Dose‐dependent sensorimotor impairment in human ocular tracking after acute low‐dose alcohol administration, The Journal of Physiology, 599(4), pp.1225-1242 Click to read more
PDF download  C. . Rorie, C. L. Smith, G. G. Sadler, K. J. Monk, T. L. Tyson, & J. N. Keeler (2020) A Human-in-the-Loop Evaluation of ACAS Xu, In 2020 AIAA/IEEE 39th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) (pp. 1-10) Click to read more
PDF download  L. S. Stone, T. L. Tyson, P. . Cravalho, N. H. Feick, & E. E. Flynn-Evans (2019) Distinct Pattern of Oculomotor Impairment Associated with Acute Sleep Loss and Circadian Misalignment, J. Physiology, 2019; 0:1-18 Click to read more
T. L. Tyson, N. H. Feick, P. . Cravalho, T. . Tran, E. E. Flynn-Evans, & L. S. Stone (2018) Increased dependence on saccades for ocular tracking with low-dose alcohol, In proceedings of Neuroscience 2018 conference, San Diego, November 3-7, 2018. Click to read more
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Last Updated: May 19, 2020