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What is Human System Integration? Website
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Mary M. Connors
Ames Associate
Phone: 650-604-6114
E-Mail: Mary Connors
Awards Header
(2018)  NASA Honor Award, Outstanding Leadership Medal
(2004)  Ames Honor Award, Exceptional Service Medal (ESM)
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PDF download  M. M. Connors (2020) Understanding Risk in Urban Air Mobility: Moving Towards Safe Operating Standards, NASA/TM–20205000604 Click to read more
PDF download  M. M. Connors (2019) Factors that Influence Community Acceptance of Noise: An Introduction for Urban Air Mobility, NASA/TM-2019-220325 Click to read more
M. M. Connors, & J. B. Holbrook (2015) Transitioning to Autonomy: Changes in the Role of Humans in the Air Transportation System, NASA/TP-2015-218933 Click to read more
M. M. Connors, R. . Mauro, & I. C. Statler (2014) A Survey Methodology for Measuring Safety-Related Trends in the National Airspace System, International Journal of Aviation Psychology (ISAP), 24(4), 265-286 Click to read more
P. M. Jones, M. M. Connors, R. K. Dismukes, M. M. Mallis, S. G. Hart, A. B. Watson, & R. W. Remington (2006) NASA's contribution to aviation human factors, In W. Karwoski (Ed.) International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, Second Edition. Alden Books, CRC Press. Click to read more
PDF download  M. M. Connors, D. B. Eppler, & D. G. Morrow (1994) Interviews with the Apollo Lunar Surface Astronauts in Support of Planning for EVA Systems Design, NASA Technical Memorandum 108846 Click to read more
M. M. Connors, A. A. Harrison, & F. R. Akins (1985) Living Aloft: Human requirements for extended spaceflight, Washington, DC: NASA Click to read more
A. A. Harrison, & M. M. Connors (1984) Groups in Exotic Environments, Advances in Social Psychology, 18: 49-87 Click to read more
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Last Updated: May 19, 2020