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Melissa J. Ludowise
Phone: (650) 604-1383
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(2015)  Ames Technology Award, Software Release Award for Open Scheduling and Planning Interface for Exploration (OpenSPIFe)
(2012)  NASA Group Achievement Award, The Score Team
(2011)  NASA Group Achievement Award, Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO) Team
(2008)  AMES Honor Award, Constellation Problem Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action (PRACA)
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J. J. Marquez, M. J. Ludowise, M. . McCurdy, & J. . Li (2010) Evolving from Planning and Scheduling to Real-Time Operations Support: Design Challenges, Proc. International Conference of Environmental Systems, 11 - 15 July, 2010. Barcelona, Spain Click to read more
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Alonso Vera
Last Updated: June 20, 2012