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Enabling Communication Between Astronauts and Ground Teams for Space Exploration Missions  (2019)
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Over the last four years, Playbook's Mission Log has evolved to become an enabling capability for analog missions that simulate deep space, exploration missions with communication transmission latency. Playbook is a planning and execution web-application for mission operations, aggregating multiple sources of information for astronauts to execute the mission in one place: timeline, procedures, chat interface. Playbook's Mission Log provides a multimedia chat software interface with unique features and functionalities that support asynchronous communication between analog astronauts and ground support teams. This paper describes the iterative design the Mission Log has undergone based on user observations and solicited feedback. Key features include indicators that help users cope with asynchronous communication as well as aids that assist teams coordinate work. Future work and capabilities are outlined, which build upon the increased use of the Mission Log as a communication and coordination tool for space exploration.
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Astronauts, Between, Communication, Enabling, Exploration, Ground, Missions, planning, Playbook, Space, Teams
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Proceedings of IEEE Aero 2019
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NASA Official: Alonso Vera
Last Updated: August 15, 2019