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What is Human System Integration? Website
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Ivy Deliz
Phone: 787-615-0832
E-Mail: Ivy Deliz
Awards Header
(2021)  NASA Honor Award, Exceptional Engineering Achievement
(2017)  NASA Space Flight Awareness Award, Playbook for Crew Autonomous Scheduling Test (CAST)
(2016)  Privately Sponsored, ASRC Federal Emerging Technologist
(2016)  NASA Group Achievement Award, Crew Activity Scheduling System (Playbook) Team
(2015)  Ames Technology Award, Software Release Award for Open Scheduling and Planning Interface for Exploration (OpenSPIFe)
(2014)  NASA Space Flight Awareness Award, Ames Research Center ISS Team
(2014)  NASA Software of the Year, Runner-up, Ensemble Project
(2014)  Contractors Council, Certificate of Excellence, ASRC Federal Research and Technology Solutions
(2013)  NASA Group Achievement Award, ISS Power Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO) Team
(2012)  NASA Group Achievement Award, The Score Team
(2011)  NASA Group Achievement Award, Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO) Team
Publications Header
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PDF download  J. J. Marquez, S. R. Hillenius, I. . Deliz, J. . Zheng, B. . Kanefsky, & J. W. Gale (2019) Enabling Communication Between Astronauts and Ground Teams for Space Exploration Missions, Proceedings of IEEE Aero 2019 Click to read more
PDF download  J. J. Marquez, M. J. Miller, T. . Cohen, I. . Deliz, D. S. Lees, J. . Zheng, Y. J. Lee, B. . Kanefsky, J. . Norheim, M. . Deans, & S. R. Hillenius (2019) Future Needs for Science-Driven Geospatial and Temporal Extravehicular Activity Planning and Execution, Astrobiology, Mar 2019. Ahead of print - http://doi.org/10.1089/ast.2018.1838 Click to read more
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Alonso Vera
Last Updated: May 19, 2020