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In November 2008, the Flight Deck Display Research Laboratory conducted TOOWiLDx, a Next Generation (NextGen) Air Transportation System simulation of Trajectory-Oriented Operations with Limited Delegation during en route and arrival phases of flight. The study was a distributed simulation using a mid-fidelity Boeing 777 simulator, and six desktop simulators, at the FDDRL laboratory; and a confederate air traffic control simulation located at California State University, Long Beach.

Pilots were delegated limited responsibilities for 1) avoiding en route convective weather, 2) managing airline assigned spacing, and 3) managing continuous descent approach operations into Louisville. To accomplish this they utilized an advanced 3D cockpit display of traffic and weather information, with integrated airborne merging and spacing automation, and integrated conflict detection and resolution tools. They also had a datalink capability permitting the pilots and the air traffic controllers to digitally communicate and exchange flight plans. In addition, voice synthesis for alerting and annunciations were integrated into the 777 simulator, and examined for usability and acceptance. The NextGen Airspace Project (Airspace Program), and the Integrated Intelligent Flight Deck (Aviation Safety Program), jointly funded the simulation.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2019