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We have numerous projects in progress, as well as a number of recently completed projects.

Current Projects

Objective Measures of Fatigue in Commercial Aviation

We are conducting a study to evaluate roster design and fatigue in short-haul commercial aviation.

Validation of Model Predictions of Alertness, Performance and Sleepiness

We are evaluating bio-mathematical models that were designed to predict alertness and performance in order to determine how well such models perform when compared to actual performance in a variety of scenarios.

Evaluation of the validity, acceptability and usability of bio-mathematical models to predict fatigue in an operational environment

We are conducting a study in the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA), which is an isolated and confined habitat located at Johnson Space Center.
Recent Projects

Sleep Environment Recommendations for Future Spaceflight Vehicles

We conducted a literature review and subject matter expert survey to determine the parameters required for an optimal sleep environment in space.

Evaluation of Sleep and Cognitive Performance under Natural and Artificial Lighting Conditions

Architectural design that incorporates natural sunlight as a primary light source, such as that in the Ames Research Center Sustainability Base, may enhance alertness, performance and sleep consolidation.

Evaluation of alertness, performance, melatonin and sleep during an extreme single pilot operation

Solar Impulse conducted a single pilot around-the-world flight in a solar airplane. This flight required a single pilot to operate the aircraft continuously for five days while crossing the Pacific and for three days while crossing the Atlantic.
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Erin Flynn-Evans
Last Updated: February 27, 2020