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Lawrence T. Guzy
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L. T. Guzy, M. M. Cohen, & S. M. Ebonholtz (2003) Field dependence with pitched, rolled, and yawed visual frame effects, In Andre, J., Owens, D. A., & Lewis H. O. Jr., Visual Perception: The Influence of H. W. Leibowitz (pp. 125-141). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association Click to read more
PDF download  J. . Li, M. M. Cohen, C. W. DeRoshia, & L. T. Guzy (1997) Effects of Observer Orientation on Perception of Ego- and Exocentric Spatial Locations, Perception, 1997, 26 (suppl.):102-103. Click to read more
L. . Shevalier, P. A. DiNardo, L. T. Guzy, & S. J. Gilbert (1996) Vulnerability to Height Fears, Paper presented to the Eastern Psychological Association, Philadelphia, PA, March 1996. Click to read more
M. M. Cohen, & L. T. Guzy (1995) Effects of Body Orientation and Retinal Image Pitch on the Perception of Gravity-Referenced Eye-Level (GREL), Abstract from Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 1995, 66:505. Click to read more
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